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36th Annual CVM Awards Goes Virtual

Awards Ceremony Screenshot
CVM anesthesia faculty-clinicians Kate Bailey (left) and Lysa Posner present an award during the virtual ceremony.

A global pandemic couldn’t stop the presentation of the 36th Annual NC State College of Veterinary Medicine Awards, a perennial highlight at the end of each academic year. A virtual ceremony was presented on Zoom and streamed live on YouTube, on April 23. Hosted by Greg Lewbart, professor of aquatic animal medicine, and Jeff Huckel, director of student services, the ceremony honored students and faculty for a variety of achievements as viewers looked on from home.  

Dean Paul Lunn welcomed online viewers and introduced the evening’s program. He also concluded the ceremony with the announcement of a new scholarship endowment to honor the memory of Samantha Lin, a brilliant member of the Class of 2020 who died in a traffic accident last August. “This is everybody’s gift to the Class of 2020,” Lunn said.

Lunn also said that during the past academic year 207 scholarships totally nearly $1.2 million were awarded to CVM students. 

Another special moment was the presentation of the three highest awards for faculty members. The Huffman Leadership Award went to Steve Marks, associate dean and director of veterinary medical services for his leadership of the NC State Veterinary Hospital during this trying year. 

Lauren Schnabel, associate professor of equine orthopedic surgery, received the Zoetis Award for Veterinary Research Excellence. Lysa Posner, professor of anesthesiology, was recognized with the Zoetis Distinguished Veterinary Teacher Award.

Here is the complete list of awards and recipients:

Dallas Clontz
Dallas Clontz

Merck Academic Excellence Awards, Class of 2020

Katherine Bollag; Kathryn Sinko; Jeffrey Tyrrell; Ashley Bowyer; Joshua Zlotnick; Rebecca Bolton; Galen Vosseller; Nicole Himebaugh; Mandy Womble; Kayla Castevens; Steven Gregory; Jennifer Heyward; Amanda Hampton; Jordan Briggs; Dallas Clontz (right); Rachel Thiemann; Samantha Frable; Melanie Runkle; Morgan Fitch; Maura Wade 

Phi Zeta Inductees from the Class of 2021

Susan Jones; Caitlyn Mullins; Emily Mackey; Valerie Nelson; Jacqueline Blake; Dylan DeProspero; Devin Fussell; Anne White; Kristen Bagley; Emily Sheppard 

Martin Litwack Award for Excellence: Stephen Santangelo

North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association Academic Achievement Award: Katherine Bollag

Joseph L. Grimes Leadership Award: Shayla Jackson

Friends of NCVMA Foundation Scholarship: Madeline Zurowsky

Friends of NCVMA Advocate Award: Cullen Beene 

NCVMA Industry Council Award: Elizabeth Welch

Jim & Mollie Rasor Leadership Scholarship Award: Janelle Wiser

Merck Animal Health Veterinary Student Innovation Award: Maura Wade

ACVIM/Department of Clinical Sciences Companion Animal Faculty Clinical Proficiency Awards: Dallas Clontz, Nolan Shaw (ACVIM); Amanda Hampton, Graham Rossi, Nolan Shaw, Madeline Zurowsky (DoCS)

ACVS Small Animal Surgery Award: Regan Stoneburner

Donald R. Howard Surgery Award: Kristen Henson

Molecular Biomedical Sciences Excellence in Anesthesia Clinical Proficiency Awards: Dallas Clontz, Morgan Fitch, Amanda Hampton

Proficiency in Aquatic Animal Medicine: Josh Zlotnick

Proficiency in Conservation Medicine: Jeffrey Tyrrell

Proficiency in Invertebrate Medicine: Mitch Stephens

Proficiency in Zoological Pathology: Mandy Womble

Proficiency in Reptile and Amphibian Medicine: Chris Masterson

Proficiency in Wildlife Medicine: Taylor Locklear

Proficiency in Zoological Medicine: Andrew Miller

Joe Wiggins (center)

Bayer/Merck Animal Health Award for Dermatology: Recipients (Bayer):  Micah Barron and Joe Wiggins (right) and Micah Barron (Bayer); Kaitlyn Stempien (Merck)

C. Dillman Award for Excellence in Anatomical & Clinical Pathology: Dallas Clontz

Dr. Monica Menard Award for Excellence in Veterinary Pathobiological Research: Kaori Davis

ACVR Excellence in Clinical Radiology Award/NCSU Excellence in Diagnostic Imaging Clinical Proficiency Award: Victoria Riggs (ACVR); radiology, Danielle Barnes and ultrasound, Peter Gibbons (NCSU)

Elanco Excellence in Parasitology Award: Justin Freeby

AAHA Award for Proficiency in Primary Care: Nolan Shaw

BIVI Cardiology Award: Graham Rossi

ACVO Senior Student Award: Jennifer Heyward and Nicole Himebaugh

Bob Rosenthal Oncology Senior Student Award: Alexie Baja

Association of Feline Practitioners Senior Student Award: Katherine Bollag

Outstanding Resident Award: Shelby Mancini

VECCS Award for Proficiency in Emergency and Critical Care: Nolan Shaw

Award for Excellence in Veterinary Behavior: Jennifer Fulp

Jeffrey Tyrrell

Joel Kirk Budd, Jr. Award: Jeffrey Tyrrell (right)

Dr. Robert Agne Memorial Equine Award:  Abby Lane

Mat Gerard Award for Excellence in Equine Dentistry: Melanie Runkle

Equine Health Program Special Focus Award – Ophthalmology: Ashley Bowyer

Whynter Colinson Brownie Award: Jenn Ruff

Department of Clinical Sciences Large Animal Clinical Proficiency Awards: Ashlyn Beasley and Peter Gibbons

ACVS Large Animal Surgery Award: Lauren Eyrich

Theriogenology Clinical Proficiency Award: Natalie Andrews

Leroy Coggins Graduate Fellowship Endowment: Breanna Sheahan

ACVIM Certificate of Clinical Excellence in Large Animal Internal Medicine: Matthew Hefner

Population Health and Pathobiology Small Ruminant Clinical Proficiency Award: Jordan Briggs

Population Health and Pathobiology Large Ruminant Clinical Proficiency Award: Kathryn Hamilton

Boehringer Ingelheim Award for Excellence in Bovine Preventative Medicine: Tia Simon

Whynter Colinson Brownie Awards – Food Animal: Enoch Brandao de Souza Meira

Hanns-Dieter Alhusen Swine Proficiency Awards: Kayla Castevens and Elizabeth Noblett

Jewell Bremer

Population Health and Pathobiology Faculty Poultry Proficiency Awards: Jewell Bremer (right) and Rachel Thiemann

Student and House Officer Diversity and Inclusion Awards: Jewell Bremer, Jayda Bussey-Spratling, Graham Rossi, Kier Way

Sarah Watson Brown Award: Samantha Lin and Victoria Riggs

Class of 2023 CVM Faculty Award: Lysa Posner

Class of 2022 CVM Faculty Award: Devorah Marks Stowe

Class of 2021 CVM Faculty Award: Laura Nelson

Class of 2020 CVM Faculty Award: Karyn Harrell

Phyllis Edwards Service Award: Jeff Huckel

Zoetis Award for Veterinary Research Excellence: Lauren Schnabel

Huffman Leadership Award: Steve Marks

Zoetis Distinguished Veterinary Teacher Award: Lysa Posner